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EXPLORE - Career Mentorship @ Skills Marketplace 2019

Bugis+ Atrium Level 2
201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067

Having waded through the murky waters of a new career, our career guides will be on hand to give sound advice at our physical career mentorship sessions. They will be able to guide you towards resolving your career-related issues and navigate your career pathway.


  1. Find out more about the Career Guides whom you'll be meeting by referring to their profiles below.

  2. At the mentorship session, you will meet and network with Career Guides with knowledge and expertise from Financial Services, ICT, Logistics, Retail sectors

  3. Pick a Career Guide that you hope will be able to advise you for the next four months.

  4. Get a clearer view of your career pathways by the end of your mentorship programme.

Some of our Career Guides from various industries:

Financial Services


Boey Xianjie


Corporate Finance & Capital Markets

CLSA Singapore Pte Ltd 

Xianjie was formerly Vice President of Capital Markets at DBS Bank and has originated and executed more than US$5b of equity deals across Asian markets, including IPOs and secondary fundraisings. Over the course of his career at DBS, Xianjie has had experience in a variety of asset classes and range of geographies — from Australian hotels and Chinese retail malls, to aircraft and oil storage terminals in Singapore. Xianjie was awarded the DBS Bank Overseas Scholarship to study in Cambridge University, UK, where he obtained a BA (Hons) in Economics as well as a Masters in Real Estate Finance. 


Pandora Tan


 RHB Securities

Pandora is a dedicated equity dealer with over 10 years of experience in the financial stock markets. She has proven ability to manage and execute orders from a portfolio of over 1500 clients, consisting of both retail, corporate and institutional clients. She uses analytical and financial skills to help decipher news and information to aid clients in their financial decision. She is able to provide insights on the various roles pertaining to the financial companies relating to the equity markets.

Pay Leon Khee.jpg 

Pay Leon Khee

Management Information and Analytics Analyst

Schroder Investment Management

Leon Khee has 4 years of analytics experience within the asset management industry across the Fixed Income and Distribution desks. He is currently working as a Management Information and Analytics Analyst for Schroders, a global asset manager based in the UK. His day job involves blending, analyzing and transforming big data sets from Finance, CRM, HR and external Market Intelligence vendors into actionable insight for senior management as part of the strategic planning process. The output is visualised and shared using Tableau as the main analytics and reporting tool. Leon Khee previously completed two years on the Schroders Graduate Scheme (2015-2016), chiefly as a Fixed Income Business Analyst for the Asian Bond Desk. He is also a CFA charterholder and graduated Cum Laude from Singapore Management University with a degree in Business Management, majoring in Finance.


Rondy Krish

Financial Services Manager


Rondy started his first job as a customer service officer at NTUC Income call centre. He picked up customer service skills there before moving to another call centre for 2 years. After his stint at NTUC income, he worked at AXA as a frontline customer service executive for another 2 years before he got his degree in Banking and Finance. He embarked on a career in the bank as a relationship manager, doing financial planning. He eventually re-joined AXA as a financial planner and leads a team of financial planners to protect people's wealth through proper financial planning.


Tan Huimin

Financial Services Manager

AIA Singapore

Tan Huimin graduated from NUS in 2006 with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering and spent the first 4 years of his career in the IT industry with Accenture. In 2010, he made a career switch into financial services, providing advisory to working professionals and young families to live life on their own terms financially. With experiences in both the IT and business field, he hopes to assist youths to make more informed decisions about their career choices.


Info-Communications & Technology

Alan Ong.jpg 

Alan Ong

IT Specialist, Team Lead

IBM Singapore Pte Ltd

Alan Ong is an IT professional with 20 years of working experience as a Server Support Specialist. He started off his career as a hardware support engineer, performing troubleshooting, repair, setup and maintenance of servers to providing technical support and mentorship to his junior engineers and Polytechnic/University interns later. Now, he is the team Lead who oversee the Service Delivery operation and the management of existing resource pool of 20 engineers. Meanwhilehe is also an active registered People's Association (PA) Activity Instructor since 2002 providing IT Classes at Chua Chu Kang Community Club. He hopes that with his wide variety of experiences, he can help anyone who is interested to enter this field to learn more about the practical aspects of this career.

​​Kee Poh Kwang.jpg

Kee Poh Kwang

Business IT Partner,

Spinachtech Pte Ltd 

Poh Kwang (PK) had over 18 years Asia work experience in establishing, implementation and maintaining IT Infrastructure solutions, ERP systems and Applications in Direct Sales, Service and Manufacturing business support. A proven regional Business IT Partner who understands business needs, creating an impact to the operations, maximizing efficiencies and increasing profitability.

Known for being a strategic thinker, an effective people connector, ability to lead and organize regional teams effectively. His experience spread across working for US MNC companies and local Technology Startup Company. 


Leong Kwok Hing_2.JPGLeong Kwok Hing

Manager, Technology-Enhanced Learning & Innovation

Singapore Management University 

Kwok Hing is a digital innovator in the education industry. His responsibilities include gathering of user requirements, management of system development and integration. Has worked mostly in the education field with a short stint in the fashion and hospitality industry handling projects such as Booking Engines, Central Reservation System, eCommerce, Content Management Systems, Point-of-Sales, Digital Signages and web analytics. His advice to all of you: "The future of tomorrow would be to step out of your comfort zone, explore and should you fail, 'fail fast and fail early' while you are young." 

Wang Jun Hao.jpg

Wang Junhao

Security Analyst,

An Security

Junhao is currently a Senior Security An alyst at An Security. He is involved in evaluating security products using the Common Criteria (CC) methodology. The purpose of security evaluation is to offer assurance to consumers that the security implementation in products is sound. He has been working in the information security industry for 6 years. Junhao discovered his love for science and engineering at an early age and that love has not waned since. While he strives to contribute his best to the industry, he finds joy working on the projects daily and making a difference to information security.

Logistics and Supply Chain

David Chew.jpgDavid Chew

Regional Director of Business Development, SEA, 

PT APL Logistic s 

David Chew has spent more than 30 years managing supply chains and logistics operations in the Asia Pacific region. He currently provides consultancy services to both service providers and companies in reviewing their regional networks and streamlining operations processes. He has extensive experience in training and implementing S&OP (Sales & Operations Process) in cross-functional teams and improving the coordination between the supply and demand chains in these companies. In his last assignment, David was based in Jakarta as the Commercial Director for PT APL Logistics for 4 years where he was responsible for rebuilding up the sales and operations teams in securing new business and putting together new services and products for the Indonesian marketplace. Before to APL Logistics, David also worked with Carrier Inc, Heidelberg Asia, Black and Decker and Eastman Kodak in regional logistics and supply chain management roles.

​​​ Ng You Yi.jpg
Ng You Yi

Regional Implementation Manager

Bollore Transport & Logistics 

You Yi has more than 10 years experiences related to Port/Logistics businesses. The opportunity to job rotate within this industry, allowed him to experience different roles as much as possible to finally choose a career path that he likes. This industry is obviously not as glamorous as the others, but You Yi likes to think that every job has a path to be a CEO, and this industry being niche, will give one a higher chance to be one than the others. You Yi looks forward to meet and share on the opportunities that one can find in the logistics sector.

Philip Ho.jpg

Philip Ho

Regional Director, Procurement Engineering

Philips Electronics

Philip is currently Regional Director (Freight & Distri bution Logistics / Procurement Engineering) where he works with a cross-functional team and strategic vendors to create and deliver value along the company's value chain along the pillars of Productivity, Quality, Service level & Cash.  Prior to this, he spent time across various roles with increasing responsibilities in major multinational carriers, forwarders and shippers. Philip is trained in Design for excellence methodology, 6 Sigma DMAIC / DMEDI methodology, LEAN and Caterpillar Production System.



Nicholas Dominic Lim.jpg

Nicholas Dominic Lim

Assistant Manager, Video and Sound Marketing Division

Sony Singapore Pte Ltd

The youngest staff in the company to be promoted to management, Nicholas is an experienced regional marketing manager with Sony, a Japanese multi-national conglomerate. He manages Asia's fast-moving consumer electronics business ranging from headphones to home theaters, successfully turning the business around and securing his categories' long-term profitability. Nicholas is also a globetrotter, regularly presenting to senior management in Tokyo as well as developing emerging markets like Sri Lanka. Having graduated with the Bachelor of Business (Hons) from NTU, he aptly applies theoretical concepts to real-world marketing. Well-versed with personality tools like Gallup CliftonStrengths, he is passionate about career mentoring and grooming mentees to fulfill their utmost potential.


Chua Sze Siong.jpg

Chua Sze Siong

School Counsellor

Ministry of Education

Sze Siong is in the line of work that makes a difference in people's lives. He works with children aged 6 to 12, colleagues from 25 to 65 and parents to grandparents. Thus, he is very experienced in working with people from all age group. Most importantly, he works in a system where he is not alone and teamwork is utmost importance in his line of work. He has experience in teaching and learning, and now he specialised in counselling.

​​Terence Lau.png

Terence Lau


ITE College Central

Terence Lau is a technical theatre professional who has worked in the Singapore arts scene for over ten years, managing productions for arts companies such as Arts Fission, T.H.E. Dance Company, TheatreWorks, The Necessary Stage, Wild Rice, and KULT. In his spare time, he is a sound artist who has performed in countries such as the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Hong Kong. His day job is a lecturer in ITE College Central teaching technical theatre in a course called Performance Production. 

Human Resource

Emmeline Chan.jpg

Emmeline Chan

Associate Trainer

HR Premium 

Emmeline had a 20 years career with a mixture of IT and HR skills across different industries such as telecommunications, building services, accountancy and logistics. She likes to take hands on approaches, challenges and strives to make a difference in others lives.

​​Joyce Lim.jpg
Joyce Lim 

Assistant HR Manager

Employment and  Employability Institute

Joyce Lim has more than 10 years of working experience in Human Resource Management within the public, education and healthcare sector. She is currently working as a Career Coach in e2i.